I’m sick but up and waiting to go out. And these ladies are in bed #fail

Please note how mortified my face is. #brooklyn at @nuhotel #hammocking out

Just #hammocking around 😊 @nuhotel

It’s done. It’s your fault. You’d find a way to convince me I’d fall in love with #nyc

#grandcentral #trains #oneway

Beth damn it turn around, stick it out, even white boys gotta shout! ❤️

Hanging in #centralpark #bff #nyc

That feeling

The one where you’re so unsure. It will pass.

And next thing I knew

It was 6am in Toronto

I have yet to hang this #99problems #whereswaldo thanks again @seanwbowles

At times

I just want to know I haven’t fallen so far off the band wagon that I can still be normal. But then I’m usually proven wrong.