And next thing I knew

It was 6am in Toronto

I have yet to hang this #99problems #whereswaldo thanks again @seanwbowles

At times

I just want to know I haven’t fallen so far off the band wagon that I can still be normal. But then I’m usually proven wrong.

Funny how

My best friend who always held me up high is no longer allowed to speak to me.

That an alternative piece who said they would never Lego eventually had to let go.

A man once so convinced he wanted me to have his child now shares the same feelings of disgust as I have of him.

Four years ago I thought I wouldn’t survive a heart break that changed my world.

And here I am, still alive. Wishing that some things may never change.

Some days it’s just nice to be home #sundayfunday #coalharbour #stanleypark #vancouver #springtime


i’m opening up for outkast this summer at pemberton so i might skip on coachella to stay in the groove and finish this bitch… i feel like they’re finna wild out tho. fuck it.. bring the helicopter out.

And now I regret not going :’(


What are regrets other than memories that poke at the back of your head

I’m so frank

Oscar Myers wieners wants me on their team

Someone told me

They wanted to be like me. I wondered why. They said they wanted to be as cool and callous. I realize that if they could see how fucked up I was in the head, they wouldn’t want to be me at all.