This is hard

And it will truly suck, but it’s time.

@chuboi says “oh my luscious lips” 😂😭 #whitecaps #mls

Oh thanks @chuboi ! You think you can set me up again 😂😭


this picture deserves endless notes

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Last one #tbt #happybdaydad #loveyoudad

See deep down inside, I’m just that little fat kid, rocking my disapproving frown 😊 #fatkid #uptobat #tbt

When people send me packages 💛

Happy birthday to my dad! I owe my curiosity, nerdiness, the roof over my head, the food on my table, my ridiculous ability to win in monopoly, my love learning, my ability to ride a bike, and my ridiculously short shins all to you! ❤️ always your little girl!



"Leaf me alone." [wingnut4772]