"Leaf me alone." [wingnut4772]



Thanks @iamiansebastian and Tak for nominating me. Even coming out if my flu, I did it :) I nominate Diana and @sabainaasaiff #alsicebucketchallenge

There’s something to be said

About having an experience rather than buying one. When you end up in the right places at the right time, it’s more of a testament of who you are rather than what you can afford.

Le sigh. 😔

Le sigh. 😔

That 6am drive

Down la cienga, yeah that’s the mark.

And my twisted sense of romance

Just wants the boy who leaves me pills in the bathroom before he leaves my hotel room. That is all.

Delivery day! My favourite day. #art #book #met

Slippery slopes are slippery

And so are slipe and slide and snowy mountains that I tube and board on. None of those ever hurt anyone right?

I was just gone for 4 months

What the eff happened to this place lol

Heineken bottles for see my future. :) the last time I was here it said Rio 😃 #travel #flightlife #thepsychicsaidsomethingwasholdingmeback